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Brothel or Independent? You decide

2019-05-09 1106

As a sex worker, how do you choose the way and place you work? Should you take your service to a conspicuous place or take your own? There are various advantages to brothels or independent escorts, as follows:

  • Benefits of working in a brothel

  1. You will not lack customers

If you are looking for an escort for a regular customer base, working in a brothel can help you solve the problem. A good brothel should be able to provide you with scheduled reservations and make it easier for you to meet new customers.

  1. Be safer

Working in a brothel means you will have other escort colleagues, managers and more to ensure your safety. In addition, if you are in a brothel, you will not have to go outside for the service, which means less concern about security issues.

  1. More routine time

You can rotate your shifts with other escorts in the brothel so you can maintain more normal time. Of course, you have to spend your time in the brothel, but at least you will know your schedule in advance rather than waiting for the next customer to call.

  1. Reduce advertising / marketing investment

Good brothels should do the jobs for promoting online advertising and marketing. So you don't need to spend your own money or time worrying about creating online business to attract customers' details.

  • The pros of working as independent

  1. You can keep your income

As an independent escort, you will retain every penny you earn. You won't be asked to cut any other people, so the money you make will be all for you.

  1. Time flexibility

You can set the working hours the way you like, and if you want to, you can even work in another job. You will be responsible for setting your own time and appointments with your customers, and you are not bound by any other rules.

  1. You can customize your service

When you work as an escort yourself, you can choose the services you want to offer, add more services or reduce the services that don't fit you. You can also customize the service for your customers - for example, to ensure that you get the type of wine you like, or create a different atmosphere for your bedroom to meet your needs.

  1. Make your own escort brand

Not only do you want to advertise your escort service, but you also create your own brand and name as an escort. As an independent escort, you have the opportunity to shine without being affected by anyone else.

So, should you work in a brothel or be independent? You decide!