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Cock Sucking makes you more healthy

2019-05-09 1140

When a baby becomes a child, what she wants to do is to explore the surroundings through her mouth. Doing anything in her way, she will lick, bite or suck. As you get older, your habits will become biting and your lips will squat. Finally, when she first tried to suck the cock, yes, no, stopped.


We all agree that sucking cocks is a pure pleasure, but hey, wait! there are more. Sucking cocks will make you look more beautiful - more plump breasts, glowing skin, strong and thick hair, delayed aging and what is not. From the ancient Hindu scriptures, one can understand that women used to apply male hot semen to their hair and face and let it dry. This is the ideal astringent.


Then why is this happening? Male semen contains a lot of iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, and even many antibiotics. In addition, when a woman sucks a man's penis, it will let her perform facial exercises. The wonders of oral sex will allow you to massage your face and stay alive in a happy way.


When you are in oral sex, it releases a saliva that helps digestion and reduces hunger. Now you know the secret of looking more sexy. Want more? According to New York University, men's semen contains elevated hormones - oxytocin and estrogen. Women who suck cocks at least twice a week do not suffer from depression. Have you had a bad day at the office? Learn more about some of the oral pleasures and experience yourself.


Sucking a cock is like doing yoga, but privately.


Hot oral sex is not just a climax, but a way to maintain and maintain your youth. If you still doubt him, give it a try and you will feel him and fall in love with him.