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How to treat your Clients?

2018-09-29 1514

How to treat your Clients?

Like any other industry Sex industry plays a vital role in day todays life. Like we speak this industry may or may not have a stressful life accordingly to our own moral ethics. So there were times we may kind or we may be rude, but at the end day we choose this industry work as our profession. Likely as any other industry we came into the "Sex Industry" to make $$ for living and other necessities. So to get achieve that target, we have look after our "Clients" in an appropriate way.

Don't think I'm writing this for you all to follow, just think it's just my way of life to make both "myself and my client" to have a good rhythm.

Prior to anything, choose the place for your work a quiet environment.

Then keep your place clean and tidy

Check any amenities for your work was in good condition "shower, bathing materials, creams" etc

Have the good lightening setup likely a night effort "preferable"

Turn on a romantic songs or other pleasurable music to make the nerves relax for both "yourself and your client”

Then it's time to see your client…

Please do welcome your clients with your cute beautiful glamorous pleasurable smile.

Then go for a formal hug, at this point he may feel more comfortable looking at you.

I say that's was a good start, likely ask him what's his interest for seeing you today and what's his desire of service he's looking in at to get from you.

Once you have hear from him now you can explain what you can to do.

I hope you have passed this phase with ease.

Now please do ask your clients to feel more comfortable and help to take of his clothes to get ready for his shower/bath accordingly.

Also help him drying.

Now you give your pleasurable service to him what you were both agreed to do.

There starts the complete phase for how to treat your clients as well as how to retain your clients for an next visit to try his another dream fantasy of life, where he can get from you "MyAngels".