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Escorting with touring Australia

2019-05-17 1089

Until now, I told you about places, travel, and the memories I have experienced in my life as a escort girl. How do you say if I change today?

Today I want to show you a continent where I have never had the chance to travel or vacation, I dream of it. Maybe you already know... yes, I am talking about Australia, the koala bear and the kangaroo country. I want to share my dreams and fantasies with you, but now I will talk about the cities and places I want to visit during my vacation in Australia.

Australia has six states - New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia - and two major continental regions - the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory. I want to visit all these places, but I think I need at least a month, so this is almost impossible. I can't stay there as an escort girl or as a porn star for so long, I have my friends, family members, I adore them.

The world's largest island has many interesting places to see, but smart girls like me use Google to search for the most visited places and cities, such as Sydney or Melbourne, my favorite city on the island.

Melbourne is the capital and most populous city of Victoria and the second most populous city in Australia. The city's commercial center is represented by Hoddle Grid, and an escort girl can make a lot of money because businessmen from all over the world come to this place. If I go there, I want to visit the Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne City Hall and the Houses of Parliament. I also heard that there are many parks, I can walk with my love, smoke, and enjoy the sun. In addition, the National Gallery of Victoria in Australia is the oldest museum and a must-see.

Another city I want to visit is the famous Sydney, the capital of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia. There are many botanical gardens, one of which is the very beautiful pictures of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Hyde Park, The Domain and more. I don't know why, but I am fascinated by the architecture of this city, I want to visit everything, but I am sure I don't have enough time, so there is almost no need to go here: Capitol, Sydney City Hall, Queen Victoria Building and Australian Museum. Do you know the famous Sydney architecture? I believe you know, but maybe you don't know its name: I am talking about the Sydney Opera House, one of the most well-known buildings in the world. Other attractions include the Royal Botanic Gardens, Luna Park, Darling Harbour and Sydney Tower.

I believe that I have caught your attention and look at these places, because without knowing the customer's culture, we will lose our way when talking to them. Be smart, so you will make a lot of money and you will have many customers, just waiting for you.