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Myangels escorts story - Sex Toy

2019-05-17 1160

Since I left my hometown, away from the negative gender negative view of sexual expression, I have been experimenting with giving me and my partner (long-term or hourly).

I still remember my first order in a linear toy. Vibrating eggs and small metal dildo. At this stage, I have been secretly reading gentle romantic erotic novels, and these toys have become more interesting.

They just gave a gentle buzz, but it started looking for better toys. Most of the things I could afford at the time were not strong enough for low vibration.

Then that day, I found a job in a school where I taught full-time medical staff such as osteopaths and physiotherapists. In the equipment storage room, I found a power massager that looks like a hardware power tool. It comes with a rubber attachment shaped like a cup. I immediately knew that I had to try it. I borrowed it and soon became addicted to a strong feeling and a quick climax.


I returned it to storage and have been looking for something new since then. I first tried a big rabbit vibrator, those cute quick-scratching ears, while feeling full from the shaft, I don't want to go out again.

I have now chosen Cordless Hitachi, which solves the problem. Although sometimes too good, the journey of awakening through the delicious was shortened and I suddenly arrived at my destination.

I found that when we did some mild BD, one of my more adventurous customers liked it. It was good to let him sit in the chair of the kitchen. His ankles were tied to the legs of his chair and his hands were fixed behind his back. The shoulder rubbing starts, a nice slow, greasy hand works with the edges many times.

Under my control, I decided how to make him feel relieved, and now he is suffering for it. I always teased him when he approached him and said, "I am not sure if we have enough time to finish you." I really like his protests.

When I think he may have had enough, I will let him watch me use Hitachi. His appreciation is obvious, he may even seep out.

I recovered and then used Hitachi on his axis. He really likes the benefits it brings.