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What do escort ladies need most?

2019-05-23 1261

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According to my observations, there are some features that can drive men crazy. Once again, one must remember that desire is so diverse, so I always recommend escorting myself.

A very beautiful girl who is a sex industry or a specific place novice may be very popular at the beginning. However, once she sleeps with the man who is curious about her... if she has brain or sexual self-confidence, then she can only continue to succeed.


In most cases, customers want a good sex life and good friendship. I have seen many beautiful girls who have been overconfident in the first few months, but why they are not shocked by any frequent visitors. Separate external beauty has nothing to do with establishing a genuine connection with a valuable, healthy customer.


Another interesting thing I have observed is the power of chemistry and pheromones. I really believe this because I have observed this endlessly. Working in an institution, the girls I saw were not really selected, but one day they were constantly selected. In the days when I was working in an institution, I noticed that at some point in my menstrual cycle, men wanted to devour me. For example, sometimes I almost don't make up and feel sleepy, but every man I meet wants to book with me. I can be completely covered, but somehow, men find my monthly "mature". I remember that every customer is eager to lick, kiss and taste the working memory of my entire body - as if my body exudes an intoxicating, delicious aroma. Usually this is during my ovulation, maybe I feel the biggest horny now (somehow, men can detect it - my body's calories).


Similarly, when I was under extreme pressure, I was no longer a "beauty" in the brothel. The first time I started to shake in my booking was that I often quarreled with my former fiancé. Most of the quarrels are because I am not sure that the "normal" relationship is actually what I want. Constant fighting made me either not sleep at all, or overslept... When I was 23, it produced dark circles and puffy eyes. Stress is the worst secret of escort. No matter how beautiful you are, but if you are stressed and need to make money (and at the same time hostile to men), it doesn't matter... Not even bother!


I remember seeing a very gorgeous escort a few months ago. She is a newcomer to this industry. She is so charming and I told her that she would be very popular because she was very beautiful. To her frustration, she had only one customer during the 7-hour shift. This suggests that a single STRESS can kill chemicals that are attracted to men. She told me that she was very eager to make money because she had a child, and she was very nervous about her money. I told her that she needs to relax and feel good... and hope that the next change in her ease will reflect more customers. In essence, the attractiveness of chemicals is very strong.

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