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The world of BDSM

2019-06-05 1618

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With the movie 'Fifty Degrees of Gray', depicting the world of BDSM and selling billions of popular literature around the world, the world is aware of this. However, not everything depicted in the movie is correct. BDSM doesn't just despise your partner's consent, nor does it consider security issues. In fact, the world of kinks is based on safe, voluntary and responsible porn power games.

Those who still don't know about BDSM allow us to inspire you. BDSM stands for restraint and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism. Many people who are not affected by magic feel that it is dehumanized, but only true fans know this form to develop the most intimate contact.

As mentioned above, BDSM is a series of pornographic practices in which the partners involved assume two roles - sub and dom. The child must agree to the dom command. The happiness here is achieved through pain. Dom can hit, knot, spank or whip, and the receiver likes it. Then there is the edge and compulsive orgasm, where dom brings a point that culminates when the former refuses to release. Then the compulsive orgasm is self-evident. Not everyone likes to do everything, but they do form an integral part of BDSM.

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What is the key of BDSM? It's consensus. Both dom and sub determine the game to be played and determine their boundaries. It is a crime if one goes beyond their borders. If a sub doesn't want to spank, then dom shouldn't do this. Therefore, the fun of BDSM stems from the obvious fact that participants must adhere to the boundaries. At any time, any player can say a safe word to stop the other party.

Mastering BDSM takes a lot of time and patience. This is not like the ordinary missionary gender. It is beyond just that. It may be possible to hurt your partner by binding at first. You should know how to keep the rope loose enough to prevent it from sticking to your partner's skin. It should not be too hasty, which will increase the chance of injury.

So welcome to this world of BDSM. Experiencing the beauty and love it brings. The couple practicing BDSM said that their relationship became capricious. Obviously, it increases the diversity of simplicity and intimacy. When did you start?

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