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My outcall story

2019-06-24 1373

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Let me tell you about the strange experience of my oncall. Once, when I got a call from my agency which told me that I had a customer waiting for me at the train station. I think this is very strange, but the customer is the customer. I am ready to drive to the station. He was there waiting for me to hold two tickets. Oh my God! He must be crazy, take me to some places I don't know...

He said, let's take the next train and discuss the details. Ok, what can I say? He is super smiley, a bit cute, so I said yes. The train arrived and we jumped up. There are cottages but no sleeping cabins. Normal 6 seats! Oh, this will be fun. Do you know about his plan? He wanted to have sex with me when the train started! In one of the cottages. The whole essence of the matter is that it is a bit dangerous. If the ticket inspector will see us or any passengers, we will be fined, or they will call us, I think.

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We took a cabin in the middle and closed the curtains. He didn't waste my time. He told me to lift the clothes and pull the rope aside. He is already sitting with a hard guy. I guess he is a metamorphosis to some extent, or this is on his list, I don't know. I was sitting on him.

The situation is very naughty, I like it almost like him. In my escort life, this is my first strange door. I really enjoy it. When the train was rugged, I rode on his penis. This is super sex, I can't extricate myself, I yell loudly, not paying attention to people passing through the foyer! I am a bit worried, but he seems to prefer this situation! So I stick to it. Our position changed again and again. I clung to the small table by the window, he fucked me from behind, facing the door!

Wow! Now in this position, we won't even notice that someone will open our door! Anyway, we continue. Someone must hear something from it because we heard the knocking of the door and some laughing teenagers passing by. He was inspired by these excitement, and after his cum on me. From the whole thing, my pussy is soaked. I have to admit that I am also a pervert.

After I finished the cleaning, the conductor opened the door. "Control the tickets!" We gave them a pass and we all had the same naughty smile on our faces. When he left the cabin, he looked back at us again and shook his head... He knew it!

We got off the train and had a delicious dinner nearby. Later that evening, we came back by train... can you imagine a dirty story on the way back? ;) I am very happy to write this to share with you... 

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