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Does escort like money or sex?

2019-07-24 1282

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Money is the motivation for us to do the job. However, you should not think of a prostitute as a woman who loves sex. If she really enjoys sex, that doesn't mean she enjoys having sex with all her clients. Many escorts have no personal pleasure at all with their customers. Only a few escorts (like me) maintain close relationships with customers. But in general, for prostitutes, the attraction of money is the attraction of our work, not our sex. It is worth noting that selling a person's body is not an "option" for most sex workers when considering the limited options available to marginalized groups.

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Sex is a scary part for many sex workers (not in my case, but most of the chaperones I've observed are not as open as I am). Many people just want to finish it as soon as possible. Some girls can enjoy a particular client and feel happy (as a prostitute, I really like some of my clients as partners and sexual partners), but again: the point is money. Of course I like some customers, but I won't sleep with a man I don't love for free. Prostitutes are these randy people, and the concept of a "super-sexy" woman is hard to describe. I wish more prostitutes would enjoy their work as usual, but the truth is that most women in this job are driven by real or perceived economic differences. No matter what their occupation, there are some women who are associated with sexual behavior (that is, sexual arousal).

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