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No natural sex

2019-08-09 1734

safe sex during escorting

I have been an escort in Brisbane and Sydney since 2011. Prior to that, I was involved in various espects in adult industries.

I felt the need to raise the issue before it was completely obscured by some negligent escort. Some people will hate me for doing this and try to prove otherwise. Why it doesn't matter to some people and not others. Ultimately, the escort's responsibility is to engage in safe sex with everyone. If we have multiple partners, this even applies to our personal lives.

Let's put aside natural oral arguments, because it doesn't matter which side of the fence you're sitting on, there's absolutely no reason to have natural sex!

If you are an escort offering natural sex to "special" regulars or selling to a bank, it has a negative impact on the adult industry. The health risks are obvious, but what's not obvious to some is how your decisions affect the industry. Clients will begin to expect natural sex, and anyone who works for or has seen a sex worker is now at risk. Take a seat and think.

I am angry that escorts who are considered "reputable" are doing so. When you are a leader in any industry, you need to understand that your unethical choices affect others to do the same. When you become a leader in the industry, customers will automatically use your identity as a bargaining power to make the natural gender stand out from the new escort of the day eager to succeed.

I have been a regular customer for 8 years! I have never provided or accepted such reservation requests. I will automatically cancel the reservation and will not refund you if you wish or imply that you are following a natural sexual act at any stage of the booking process. Anyway, health is more important than money.

Customers who request it or accept these types of "arrangements". You make me upset. If he/she offers or accepts your offer, she will accept someone else. Don't think for a minute that you're the only one. Check your ego and think about for a second. Nobody special.

Finally, the elephant in the room needs to be addressed. We need to understand that as escorts, we have a responsibility to provide safe sex.

protect you and others by safe sex