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Advertising on Myangels

2019-08-16 1787

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Advertising on Myangels

Just a quick escort blog that can touch my recent escort ads in Sydney and the Gold Coast. I am the main advocate of private girls and myangels. I have to postpone my tour and I will not promote interstate advertising on these platforms until my tour date is confirmed.

 I like touring, but it is a big investment. Time and money are necessary, and I lack the time part. But for my interstate customers, not everyone is frustrated and frustrated. For those interested, I still make exclusive reservations on the interstate, and now I have a fully packaged package to suit your needs. I am happy to slip for you for a day or two. All you have to do is to give me a call.


A little bit about why my escort AD has changed temporarily. I have been escorting on Scarelt Blue since 2011. I am fortunate to be able to advertise with the best ads, personal girls and scarlet blue. From these AD platforms, I have attracted the luckiest customers I have been lucky to know for years. We continue to catch up on a regular basis. As a result, I decided to reduce my ads until my availability increased again to see more new customers.


Don't go the wrong way, of course I like to meet new customers, I hope I can see you all. But my regulars must be given priority because they decided to put time and money in my hands. I am very grateful and admire our lasting connection.


I still promote my escort service on Myangels, Twitter and my escort website. My availability is limited to my personal commitment and my commitment to frequent customers.


However, if you are a newbie and would like to see me, please take the time to send a friendly email/sms, hopefully we can determine the appropriate date. Please be patient with me, I only see a limited number of men per week, so my availability is also limited.

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