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Why blurring face for my escorting

2019-09-03 2700

Life was so ironic and I was going to write a blog about why I was always blurring my face, and that I had been rejected by an overseas escort agency for blurring my face. Of course, I sent them a selfie (with very little makeup) and told them I wasn't Shrek. However, they insisted that I needed to reveal my face to work for them. Customers prefer seeing the face. To make a long story short, I won't be forced to show my face. I said no.

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I really don't understand the fascination of private escorts with revealing faces. I've never lost a reservation because I blurred my face. My experience is that clients are always happy to see me and they always say I look "better" than I look. I find this comment funny because I always feel like "I'm glad you think my face looks better without the blurry spots on my face. I now put the paper bag in the garbage can (always a joke, but think about what the reaction would be, it's funny I did put one on my head.

My decision to blur my face was purely a Numbers game. I have escort ads for Scarlet Blue, Available Angels and Private Girls. I have several comments on Punter Planet with pictures. Add pictures of my site and my Twitter followers, and I probably see people with the Internet more than 200 times a day. I choose to blur my face because I like to keep my escort life and my personal life separate. The only people who know what I look like are the people I spend time with. The rest just saw my images online, and if I happened to run into them in public, it was pure speculation. 

Now, I'm not ashamed to meet clients I've met publicly. It's a business only, nothing else. I don' t wanna say anything. I remember when a client saw me walking to a local coffee shop in a suburb far from the city, they literally turned white. Professional is my attitude and I said nothing. I respect my customers privacy because I expect the same in return.

What I don't like is that people know my ideas (lots of pictures from the Internet) and I don't know them (most of my fans have avatars or eggs). I won't show my face until I can see a full picture of everyone who views my image online or via twitter. I have had several problems with people not respecting my privacy and they have never spoken about my client time in the adult industry. If you ask me, double standards.

The other main reason I don't show up is because when I choose to leave the industry, I leave and no one (except clients I've met) sees my face. I can start over and move on. Even if I choose to become an escort before I retire, I would like to know that my other professional commitments will never be predetermined because I choose to be an escort. The online image is forever, and I will never show my face because I want to be able to keep my part-time escort career separate from my personal life. Always.

Choosing an escort is a tough choice. It was very important for me to choose to do everything for my escort. This is my choice and I will attach great importance to it. Some private escorts in the public eye are not given this option but are made for them. I'm not going to make a decision that I can never revoke.

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