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So what exactly is a PSE?

2019-11-14 2822


When I worked in the Golden Coast and Brisbane, Australia, it was long time ago and the service was very limited. It covers verbal, sexual and pistol shooting. Sometimes people fall in love with a fetish, like wanting to spank with a hairbrush, but for the most part, we're vanilla. One thing we've never done is kiss our customers. Nothing happened at that time. I wouldn't say our service is cold - but if we smile happily at things, we are relatively cold.

With the growth of Internet and the ability to advertise independently, I started hearing what people call the "girlfriend experience" of GFE. At the time, GFE was considered a special service. Escorts kiss you and actually seem to like having sex with you, just like girlfriends. The best escorts regards it as excellent service.

When I returned to my entourage a few years ago, I found that lots of things had changed. Now, kissing is very common thing (I wonder why I hesitated in the first place. I think it's because "everyone" says we didn't!) but "GFE" means "boring vanilla sex, just the work you do everyday with your partner." and the higher service is PSE which stands for porn star experience.

But what does the porn star experience mean? I don't think there is a clear consensus. Is it the anus? Deep throat? Loud moaning? I don't watch much porn, but things seem to have changed there, too. No longer content with "gorgeous horny women happily fucking plumbers", there are more primordial moves to push the boundaries. Literally, it's "something my partner cannot stand." Many things seem mean to me, and most welcome. There is a real smell, such as women being forced deep into their throats until they vomit and vomit, and then facial treatment when the man tells her she is a fucking jerk.

I've tried PSE and I admit that I don't have a deep throat and can't stand a sharp anal bump before throwing up, but I can skip the small talk, tenderness and kissing if I need to. This is a very welcome request and I love doing it. For one thing, they tend to book faster. No preparation for teasing kisses and foreplay, just pouncing on the rooster like a starving tiger. It's easy to keep up the intensity and they can finish the game before they know what's happening to them. A customer asked me after booking: "so, how is this different from your GFE?" I said, "nothing  really; just make your boost faster."

However, I stopped offering the service because there are still some people who only see the term "porn star experience" and think it might make them rude. The truth is, there's all kinds of porn out there, and I don't know what people are watching and think it's acceptable.

I'm still happy to stop small-talking and cuddling if anyone wants it, and I've always liked naughty things like anal play, dirty conversations and even water sports, but I'm afraid I always have to do what's essentially GFE, which is sex between two people who respect each other.