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Tragedy for Sex alike?

2018-09-29 1406

Tragedy for Sex alike??

Some laws about passion are dealing with governmental care about citizen. For example, in UK it's imposable to have sex on bike, in France - on rails.

In Budapest people can make love only in darkness, even sex with candles is abnormality.

Governments of many countries are caring not only about morality, but also about citizen appearance. Even in such country like Thailand, it's impossible to walk without lingerie. But in African Swaziland there is the law which prohibits wearing pants. Local monarch believes that it's a kind of modern culture, stupid fashion.

Italian men who wear dress and rocks put into prison. Palermo beaches are welcome only for beautiful, attractive escorts, but fat and ugly women should wear clothes.

In different countries there are also some strange laws considering family planning. In China sellers and producers of condones are not paying taxes. But in Ireland selling condones is banned; because sex, due to customer's law, existing for reproduction.

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Japanese Adults Prefer Toy "Doll" -Girls

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