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Escorting vs Prostitution

2020-04-22 2760

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For a long time, I've heard people in Australia arguing about whether escorting is a legal prostitution or a completely different kind of prostitution. Personally, I think they're completely different things, with their own characteristics, and here are four big differences between escorting and prostitutes.

1 Time

Escort: you pay for their time with you, hug, date. Sometimes escorts are almost like therapists, they listen to how you're doing through the day, they listen to your troubles at home, they comfort you. You pay for their time with them.

Prostitute: you don't pay for her time, you pay for her pimp, and you'll get her service in the meantime. Service is fast and doesnot have too much time to hug or talk. A Brisbane pimp told me that time is money and that some special services are extra.

2  Workplace

Escort: Most escort industries are more advanced and professional. What kind of person you are, you will attract what. In this place, the service is great and you won't see someone in a human tug, dirty jeans and ugly faces.

Prostitute: I don't mean to offend these women, but usually you see them on street corners, alleys, or tall buildings. Sometimes they'll be with their pimps, sometimes you'll even find them in the club, but you rarely find them in a high-end venue.

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3 Pay

Escort: You pay for the experience, have you heard of GFE? Yes, it's your girlfriend's check-up, you pay to put a vase on your arm when you're at a different event, you pay for love and comfort, you pay for therapy.

Prositute: Quite simply, you pay for it and you can go.

4 Diseases and medicines

Escort: In the escort industry, regular screening for beautiful women is a top priority. When their clients see them, they appear healthy, do not take drugs or take drugs.

Prostitute: Not all, but the vast majority of prostitutes are forced to become alcoholics or addicts, attracted to something, which may be a means for pimps to control them, and sometimes they just want to survive. This is not a good life.

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