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A happy ending is an amazing experience

2020-04-29 2884

Who would love to have a happy ending? I know all customers enjoy a happy ending and sometimes if you just want to relax then why not let one of Melbourne Escorts Agencies do all the hard work. They will give you a soothing and sensual massage and then finish by giving you the end you've always been dreaming about. We were talking to some of our customers about their happy ending encounters.

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Hear what our customers said

Customer 1: 'I love to relax after a long day or maybe on a Friday before the weekend with a long massage from a gorgeous escort woman and get wanked off by her, it's nice to be selfish once in a while sometimes I want her to start walking away from me and then I ask her to lie down on the bed so I can go down on her or ask her to sit on my stomach. The weekend is a good time to kick off. I love how gross the escort girls are and how fun it's to be in Melbourne with an open-minded escort girl.

Customer 2: 'I like getting a massage where the girl gets naked and rubbing her tits over me, I like getting a massage when I'm lying on my back and she oils me so that she can slip her tits down and up my chest. I love seeing a busty escort with her breasts dripping wet with baby oil and rubbing them teasing me before slipping her sweaty body all over me. I love to spend time with them and they both have the look that turns me on. Blonde hair and big bust. If you've ever got some new busty escorts, they're going to recommend them to me when I call because they know I've got something for big breast escorts.

Happy ending is an amazing experience

It feels amazing when they move further down my body to give me a wank of tit, I love feeling my cock throwing between their boobs until my cum rubbing over their boobs or I stand up and wank myself between their boobs so I can cum in their face, this is a release for me and always gets me excited about it. I'd encourage someone to try a tit wank to see a woman kneeling between her tits with your cock knowing you're going to humiliate her by cumming her face and mouth. I love it when a woman opens her mouth when it's very sexy you're cumming.'

We spoke to another customer about his latest happy ending experiences: 'I started using Melbourne escort agencies recently. I love using Escort Agencies because I don't often get horny and I want a fast release and I want easy access to a beautiful escort lady who's very dirty in the bedroom as well. I normally book a nice hotel room and have champagne in the room so we can both relax before we get started, I make it clear what I want to be a massage, I like the escort to take her time so I'm totally comfortable and I like her to rub her breasts over my body while she's massaging me, I like her kissing me and rubbing herself over my chest while she's massaging me.

I love your escorts that's going to swallow, there are quite a few that's going to swallow me and that's really turning me on, I love her deep down and then spend time wanking me and sucking me up until I'm close to cumming. I want her then to hold my dick in her mouth. Having a massage and being absolutely comfortable before getting a good blow job and wank, is always pleasurable.'

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