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2021-04-13 1699

Introduction to Dogging

As stated this article is simply an introduction to dogging the following articles will state more clearly specific categories. The very next article is on a topic will cover what dogging is and who it pertains to. The choice to participate in dogging is simply a personal one that you and your partner will have to make together. If one partner is interested and the other is not, this should not be something you pressure your unwilling partner into. You could show them these articles or various other information throughout the internet and teach them the details about dogging, and thus helping them to understand the lifestyle.

How Did Dogging Begin?

Though the term may seem relatively new to you, dogging has actually been around for many years. Dogging was first noted back in the 1970’s as an activity generally enjoyed by single men. Of course the single men had to have something to watch, which turned out to be couples in search of a private spot to engage in sexual activities. The term dogging actually arose because the men would essentially “dog” the couples and their movements in an attempt to get a better view of the activities.

The term has also been described, as coming from an excuse men would typically give their families as an explanation for being away from home “walking the dog”, or to law enforcement officials when they were asked why they were in a specific area. Because swinging became a popular form of sexual encounters dogging also became extremely popular. Many couples enjoy the excitement of knowing someone is watching them, as well as occasionally joining in on the dogging encounters.

In the beginning, dogging was originally viewed as a heterosexual activity, however, as time went on, it was found to share many common attributes with “cruising”. Cruising is a term used to describe sexual activity by a gay man or bisexual man, where they essentially cruised the woods, parks and other various areas to find sexual encounters with other men.

In the dogging lifestyle of today, many doggers share their dogging locations with that of “cruisers”. It has become increasingly common that doggers will encounter cruisers and vice versa. Dogging has become very popular among bi-sexual males they may be looking to have a sexual encounter with those within the dogging lifestyle or will cruise for encounters with other men.

The media has taken a great interest in the lifestyle of dogging as of late. This attention has been of great notoriety because not so long ago a headline reportedly encountered a famous football player taking part within dogging activities. Of course, this was headline news and since then the media has focused greatly on this lifestyle. Prior to this dogging was hidden from the limelight. A very secret lifestyle, which people enjoyed.

In today’s society, it is rare now for a couple to attend a dogging location without the possibility of being confronted with large groups of men eager to watch the performance. There are tips and etiquette that should be followed with diligence when taking an active part in the dogging lifestyle. At one point, dogging was nothing more than enjoying a sexual encounter with the knowledge that someone was watching. More and more the watchers or doggers, make themselves apparent and watch from a closer point of view. Even being asked by others involved in dogging to participate.

With the ever growing risk of sexual transmitted diseases it is important not to tread lightly on the issue, and demand that safe sex practices always be considered a must. Safe sex along with personal safety should be on the forefront of ever doggers minds. Many dogging locations have now become an area for illegal activities and for muggings, robberies and even rape. Be sure to keep constant vigilance at all times.

Where to find dogging?

With the popularity of the dogging lifestyle soaring at great speed, many people are wondering where you can find dogging. Well, there are many various places that you can either happen upon the lifestyle in progress or do some researching and setting up meets. The internet has opened up a vast new world for those that are interested in dogging and has allowed participants to arrange dogging meets, encounters and find locations with the simple click of a mouse button.

There are various spots on the internet that will aid you in your search for dogging locations. I will attempt to do your research for you and help point you in the right direction. I have searched the span of the internet, with the help of trusty old google and found various sites that contain information on dogging location, as well as forums and bulletins.

As always, please use common sense and care when using any of these sites or their forums. Do not disclose any personal information about your identity or the location in which you live. Refrain from posting detailed information about dogging meets on any forum, leave only generalized information and you can then decide to whom you want to give the rest of the details to.

All of these sites are intended for adults over the age of 18 years of age, and should not be viewed, visited or used by any minor under that age. Please always show respect to others and use the forums for their intended purposes.

Before The Dogging Meet

There are various things you should be aware of regarding dogging meets. This article will detail the things you should do before the dogging meet. Everyone who is a part of the dogging lifestyle has different ideas and expectations regarding the outcome. For example, some couples just want to be watched, while other couples may want you to participate. You should at all times be aware of what each other wants and expects from the encounter.

First you should talk to the people you intend to meet with, especially if this is your first dogging encounter. If you are the “watcher” then you should talk with the couple and explain what you are wanting to gain from the encounter. It is entirely too easy to be confused about the encounter and how far each party is willing to go. If you want to actively participate in the encounter you need to make the couple aware of your intentions. This will allow them to either agree or disagree, you never want to go into the dogging meet unaware and exceed the boundary limits.

If you are on the other end of the spectrum, and are the couple “performing” then you need to speak with the other party involved and find out their expectations regarding the dogging meet. You should at the same time let them know your expectations and limits. It is very important not to allow yourself to be talked into something you do not feel comfortable in doing. If you are simply performing with your partner and the other person is only to watch, state this and be firm in your decision. If you will allow the other party to participate, let them know the terms in which they are able to participate and let them know that they are in no way to be pushed or broken.

Safety is the biggest issue, both people want to have a safe and enjoyable experience. Often times if the first dogging meet is a pleasurable experience, it is likely you can expect more meets from the same people, making it somewhat of a ritual of sorts.

Both parties should come prepared with needed essentials such as wipes, condoms and the like. It is important that both parties consider this and be prepared. Occasionally one can forget to bring any of the items, and if the other has brought them, it makes for an easier dogging meet. Again, you should always be concerned with safety, and you should not participate in the dogging lifestyle, if you intend on having sexual intercourse with another person (other than your steady partner), without practicing safe sex.

If you want to set up a meet, you can visit a location where dogging is generally practiced or visit one of the many internet sites pertaining to dogging and advertise your interest. Simply post the area in which you are interested in meeting other dogging participants and when , then ask them to email you to find out more information about the meet. It will be easier this way than posting all the information on the web where anyone and everyone can just show up. Practice safety, yet again, and have them email you, this will ensure you can have your choice of those you want to attend or participate.

During The Dogging Meet

When the time has come for you to attend a dogging meet regardless of rather you have set it up or you are just chancing that you will find someone, there are several things you should be aware of during the meet. Again, safety is an issue; keep yourself safe and your valuables. Avoid unwanted contact or visitors and be precise in what you want and do not want.

If at all possible, try to avoid taking any valuables with you to the meet. Not everyone is trustworthy, so it is better to just leave all valuables at home. In the case of women and their purses, handbags, and wallets, before you arrive lock them inside the trunk for safekeeping. You are there to enjoy yourself, you do not want someone taking off with your valuables or reaching inside your purse and snatching your money, credit cards or other identifying information.

It is important to keep your car doors locked during the dogging meet until you feel comfortable to do otherwise. Doing so will prevent unwanted contact as well as leaving you in control of the entire situation. You should never be in a position where you feel out of control. If you lock your doors and just allow other dogging participants to watch, you can simply leave if it should get out of hand.

For females, if you are ever in the situation where you are confronted by too many males, the best thing for you to do is to simply ask them to give you your space. If you make it clear that they need to back off, most of the doggers will do so without any confrontation. Others may present a problem, if you ever encounter a male that will not give you your space or listen to your request, you should immediately announce that you are leaving as a result of this man. Most men within the dogging lifestyle are respectful and are only there for a good time and will appreciate and adhere to your request. When a man threatens to spoil their good time because he is unwilling to listen, often times they will help you in removing the trouble maker.

Of course, if any dogging meet ever becomes too much for you to handle you have the ability to drive away from the situation. Never let yourself get to the point of losing control over any situation.

Here is another tip for females that participate in the dogging lifestyle. All women love to dress sexy and naughty. The key to dressing for a dogging meet is to dress sexy, but in clothing that can be easily removed! 😉

When searching for a sexy shirt, top or blouse, choose one that can be removed without hassle. Some women prefer a crop jacket with a zipper or a tube top, either one if properly fitting can make for very sexy tops that are easily lost if the occasion arises. For your bottom half, many women feel sexy in short skirts without underwear. Throw in a pair of thigh high stockings and you have a perfectly sexy, yet easily accessible outfit.

When it comes to shoes, be sensible in regards to the area in which the dogging meet takes place. Avoid high heels and remember that boots are sexy and practical. Other advice I have for women, is do not wear earrings, they can be ripped out in the heat of the moment, come prepared with a blanket, KY Jelly (you never know) and wet wipes, these are all in addition to the general things like condoms.

After The Dogging Meet

When the time has come to end the dogging meet, and I hope, it was an enjoyable encounter for everyone involved. There are a few things that typically go with ending the meet in the proper manner, such as cleaning up the area, keeping in touch, leaving, and talking. Again, as if I have not stated this enough, safety should be a concern. I realize that I have probably stated this many times over the last few articles, however, in this day in age, it should be a top priority to you.

When you are ending your dogging meet, you will only need to say thank you to everyone who participated. It will not need to be a long and drawn out process; they will essentially get the hint and say their goodbyes promptly. If you have had a pleasant encounter with a particular person and you would like to see them again or meet them another time, you can talk with them a little bit and maybe give them you cell phone number or email address. It is all about personal choices.

You should make sure to clean up the dogging location when you have finished. It is important to remember that these are generally public, areas such as picnic or camping locations. You should dispose of any condoms or tissues in a trash receptacle or take them with you. It is not wise to litter the area with any of those items or any items period. First of all, they are unsightly and will not look very appealing to family and it could lead to the dogging location being closed during the night.

Again, if you want to keep in touch with those you have encounters with at a dogging location, you should have “business” cards made up that contain contact information that you want to give out. These “business” cards should contain you and your partners first name, a common email address you share or an email address for both partners and you could include you cell phone number. It is not wise to include your address, home telephone number or last names as these are identifying information and many like to keep this aspect of their lives to themselves and away from family and friends.

Another safety precaution is to not go directly home after the dogging meet. Drive around or take turns you do not normally take. Ensure that no one is following you home after the dogging meet. You do not want anyone knowing where you live it defeats the purpose of the dogging location in the first place.

Finally, when you have ended your dogging meet and have arrived home you and your partner will be excited to discuss all the events that have happened. This is an excellent time talk about your feelings and excitement of the events. Talk with your partner about what you liked and disliked about the experience. This will help in keeping your relationship safe and enjoyable, as this is the most important aspect of your life and should come before dogging at all times.

Etiquette on Dogging

There are certain etiquette and rules you should closely follow when actively participating in dogging. These rules and etiquette are set in place to help ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and safe experience. As always, safety is of utmost concern in all areas of dogging, you should always be aware of your safety and the safety of others involved in the dogging lifestyle.

Here are some rules and etiquette you should remember and follow during all your experiences in dogging. Practice safe sex and always use a condom. You should consider purchasing a large amount of condoms and be willing to pass them out to whomever you involve in your encounters.

  • Practicing safe sex while involved in dogging will guard you from diseases and unwanted pregnancy. You should also keep in mind that just because a person carries himself well, does not necessarily mean they do not have any form of sexually transmitted disease.

  • Consider investing in a large amount of lubrication. KY jelly or any other type of lubrication helps everyone involved enjoy the encounter. Dogging should be enjoyable for everyone who is participating. You can pass out small packets of lubrication with the condoms.

  • Especially for females, be aware of your personal limits and take everything slowly. You should not be afraid to tell a male that is taking things too far to back away. No person can enjoy their activities if you are too timid to tell when your limits have been pushed.

  • In regards to couples, it is important that the two of you talk about what you expect out of your dogging experience, and what your intentions are. Set your ground rules, you should also create a single or word that you can use if a problem occurs.

The follow dogging tips will focus on personal safety. Yes, I know you are probably down right tired of see the word safety, but it is impossible for me to stress the importance of it other wise.

  • The internet is a great way to set up dogging meets and find other interesting doggers. However, you should practice caution and use common sense at all times when it comes to the internet and those you meet upon it. NEVER reveal any personal or identifying information about yourself.

  • Dogging generally takes place in places that are away from the public; however, your location should not be so far away that you would be unable to obtain help fast if the need should arise. Additionally, know your surrounding of the dogging meet location, ensure that there are a minimum of two exit areas available and that you are well aware of where they are located.

  • Many people choose to adopt a name especially for dogging, this helps them protect their name and other identity information. For females, you must always bring with you a male partner or friend to any dogging event; they should be a close friend or life partner that has interest in your protection. You can avoid being ambushed at a dogging meet by refraining from announcing the exact location and time of the dogging meet throughout the internet. This means forums and bulletin boards. The only things you should be posting are the general area and what your interest are, those interested in your dogging meet can then contact you for details and you will have the ability to be choosy in who you invite.

  • Avoid having dogging meets in places where there are illegal or dangerous actions occurring such as drug dealing or prostitution. Both of those activities can be dangerous at all times, so it is important to secure a location that is safe for everyone.

  • This has been stated before, and I am going to state it again, safely secure all your valuables. Items such as wallet, purse, or cellular phone need to be locked within the trunk or glove box, for safe keeping, You should also keep your car keys within your pockets at all moments throughout your dogging experience.

  • When the dogging meet has ended and it is time for you to leave, avoid going directly home, use this opportunity to grab a bite to eat or drive around and discuss the experience with your partner.

For those new to the dogging lifestyle, things can get a little confusing or you may not know where to begin. Use the following to help you enjoy your dogging experience and gain the most out of it.

  • Use the internet to your advantage, check out various online dogging communities and find out all you can about the lifestyle and how it works.

  • Do not be afraid to ask questions, in general many people will be willing to offer you guidance and advice. It is important to be polite and sincere in your efforts to gain more information about dogging.

  • It is also important to keep you personal safety in mind, use common sense and caution when you decide to meet someone off the internet. Avoid letting yourself be taken advantage of.

  • If you have the opportunity to meet an experienced dogger on the internet, you should grab the chance and allow them to teach you all about dogging and the lifestyle.

  • Another important thing to bear in mind is that gay men also attend dogging meets and locations. If this bothers you, be polite and inform them you are not gay or avoid the location. Rudeness is not tolerated within the lifestyle of dogging.

  • When you are new to the dogging lifestyle, you may not always locate what you are looking for the first time around, but you should keep trying.


  • Mangere Bridge taylor st, Bowling club carpark

  • Otahuhu Sturges park carpark

  • Otahuhu Murphy’s Carpark

  • Kawakawa Bay try there, a lot of hidden hot spots around

  • Mt Richmond Park few carparks and a lot of bush area for public discreet fun

  • ONE TREE HILL Park, carparks after 9pm

  • Waitakerie Train Station seems nice and secluded

  • Orewa orewa surf club car park

  • Pekapeka – nudist and clothed beach during summer, dogging in the sand hills

  • Pt Chev, Eric Armishaw Park, End of walker rd car park and walkway to beach, during the day especially sat sun.

  • Point View Reserve Entrance is on Caldwells road of point view drive. Very good spot.

  • Royal Oak Behind Finnigans Irish Bar, Saturday 10pm

  • Grannies Bay Nudist beach

  • Pt Erin Pools Carpark Some action here after dark


  • lakeside meets or car park roots at Lake Te Ko Utu

  • The Porritt Stadium car park after 10pm is ok and reasonably private

  • The Hamilton Gardens – in particular the rose gardens to the right of car park 2

  • The Innes Common area where there are lots of areas around Hamilton lake including the Yatch Club Car Park


  • Mt Stewart behind the mounument in tree area

  • Memorial Parkcmemorial park, after dark friday nights, lot of action…straight…bi…you name it!


  • Wairoa Bridge carpark beside the wairoa bridge

New Plymouth

  • Back Beach – A semi-regular spot, almost every weekend someone’s parked up for a quiet moment on the beach or hillside.


  • Yacht club front carpark

  • East Galloway St Park in the carpark off Galloway st near the end of ALbert St and on the seats on the small park to the left of the car park

  • Hamilton Gardens down to road on left of gate one down opposite cemetery

  • Reserves Between Cambridge And Tirau Main Highway more gay sex than anything , bush walk ,tracks leading off but have seen female/male also. “moananui reserve” is one of the reserves. there’s another 2km up the road with a rest area between the 2 reserve…been going there for years. always action


  • Wallaceville Hill Road UH

  • Petone Foreshore “at the rowing club end” is commonly listed as a Wellington Dogging spot.

  • Te Hapua Rd, Peka Peka off Te Hapua Road. Go to the road end, follow the footpath to the beach and turn right. Probably the most active area in summer

  • Moa Point, Road, Distance, busy Saturday nights.

  • princess bay parking area between lyall bay and houghton bay


  • Area, Road, Distance, busy days or nights of the week.


  • Beachfront st clair beach along john willson drive Christchurch

  • South Brighton Domain Just past the bowling club on Beatty Street

  • Sign Of The Bellbird Parking lot near the Sign of the bell bird on summit road

  • South Brighton Domain Off Beatty Street Behind the bowling club

  • Spencer Park along sand dunes between surf club and bottle lake

  • Woodend Beach Go north about 100-200m. Occasional spot during daytime.

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