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Erotic Massage in Five Steps

2021-09-28 400

There are normal massages, which most people like, and sexual massages, which may be life-changing. Erotic messages are identical to ordinary communications, with the exception that they are intended to relieve tension and stress in the recipient by either increasing or reaching sexual arousal. 

Many people would like an erotic massage from their sexual partner if it was done properly. When performed incorrectly, an erotic massage may be both physically and mentally unpleasant. A man once massaged the sides of my abdomen, one of the few locations on my body where I don't have any muscles or tendons. Then he didn't apply any pressure when he began massaging regions of my body that might relieve tension and promote desire. He was typing on my back, it felt like. 

Don't be the man who makes that mistake. You can't afford to provide an erotic massage half-heartedly. After all, they've got their entire ass in front of you, so give them a full-ass massage. Erotic massage requires mastery of two skills. The massage itself is the first stage. As a result, there will be no backtracking. No belly fat squeezing. Making it sensual is the second step

Create Sensual Atmosphere

This should go without saying, but just in case, I'll state it again: You have your spouse undress and lie face-down on a hard bed or towel. The lights should be dimmed. Buy some candles if you don't have a dimmer. Play some calming music—it doesn't have to be spa music or the sound of the jungle; it just has to be something you know your spouse enjoys.  If you really want to improve your game, get a small humidifier from Amazon and fill it with essential oils.

Apply Sensual Lotions Or Oils

Everything is better when it comes to sex stuff when it's slick, which is why massage oils are so important. When in doubt, lubricate the situation.

But when I say use oils, I don't mean douse her in them as you would a flank steak marinade. You just need a few drops to get started, and you can always add more if you want it to be a little slipper.

Coconut oil is recommended if you're going to give her a full-body massage, which includes her lady parts. It smells nice, it's all natural, and it won't mess with her Acid-base balance there.

Massage Foreplay 

Now that you've got their neck and back, it's time to go on to... precisely, yes. But, joking aside, at this point, you should have given them a thorough massage. You massaged their entire back, neck, arms, wrists, fingers, feet, and legs.


Then, you can get down to business. You want to tease them here. Touch their privates as near as you can without really touching them. Instead of going directly for the nipples, massage the breasts instead. You massage the crease where your thigh attaches to the rest of your body instead of the vaginal or penis.

Massage Naughty Parts

You only get to touch the sexy areas once you've tormented them long enough. They should be stewing in sexual tension at this time, so even a small touch will make them groan ecstatically. Start with gentle circular strokes on her clitoris or a mild hand job on their penis. You can do more once the allocated time has gone, whether that means digital penetration, a harder hand job, or oral.

Last Crazy and Relax

There's a good chance your companion will orgasm if you've done everything correctly. Please, for the love of God, don't leave them halfway through. That's a harsh assessment. Make every effort to make them climax, at which time they'll be ecstatic. Then, if you want to go all out, go nude and snuggle with them (this is optional, but highly suggested).