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A couple is spotted having sex in a Sydney hotel

2021-11-01 429

Office staff spotted a pair having sex in plain sight on video

In the backdrop of the footage, office workers can be heard giggling and conversing. Office workers have been surprised by a naked couple having sex at the window of their hotel room.

Workers at the building opposite Sydney's CBD captured the intimate film, which shows a man and woman appearing to have sex while being completely visible to the outside world.

'Maybe they're into voyeurism?' says the reporter. In the video, one of their viewers' states.

The video was taken in the middle of the day on Thursday, and it shows office people smiling in the background while the couple kisses.

As they wander around in front of the camera, one amused employee claims the woman is doing 'twirls.'

To the surprise of the crowd, the couple appears to halt for a brief minute before carrying on.

A male voice stated, 'They're simply showing off now.'

Another remarked, 'How about we open the window and cheer them on.'

'Isn't that inconvenient?' That's extremely funny.'

The video taken on Thursday shows a male and a woman having an intimate moment.

It's not the first time office staff have seen an Australian couple having full-fledged sex, with footage from September 2019 demonstrating yet another pair's athleticism — this time in the restroom.

The video showed a couple relaxing in what looked to be a large circular bathtub.

The self-assured lovers were far from humble, ignoring the fact that they could easily achieve seclusion by drawing the window's floor-to-ceiling curtains.

To the surprise of the crowd, the couple appears to halt for a time before resuming.

Meanwhile, at the workplace, employees struggled to concentrate on their routine Monday morning responsibilities, instead of laughing at the show in the adjacent building.

One viewer characterised the astonishing event as "breakfast and a show" in response to the footage posted online.

Another individual responded with, "They know," when asked if the pair were "exhibitionists" or not.