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Are sex slaves transported over from Asia and coerced into undertaking sex activity in Adelaide?

2021-11-05 421

Human Trafficking and Salvery in Adelaide

I was awakened by a knock at my door. There are two Asian women. One of them was adamant that I had called them. She displayed a phone message to me. The other was quiet and modest. I stated that I had not contacted them. I had, according to the fierce one. She'd mistyped the address. She requested that I call her and inform her where the address was. Then it occurred to me. A sex worker and a pimp. 

Later, I realized why a young lady would want to work in the sex industry. whereas the majority of them are tough or drug users.

There are some here, although it's hard to distinguish between women who know what they're doing for work and those who are tricked and trafficked here, either way, usually illegally. Most women come here on tourist visas to work, either voluntarily or under duress.

Isolation, removal of passports/documents, refusal to allow them to leave their place of employment, and continual surveillance are all methods used by sex traffickers to force victims to work for them. Other variables that lead to someone working under these conditions include a lack of English skills, the fear of deportation, and a lack of a supportive family or friends.

How to Tell Sex Trafficking

You may tell if someone is being forced to work in a variety of ways, including:

  • a total lack of English proficiency

  • If the person is afraid to speak with you, ask them to send you to their management.

  • they refuse to open the door, and it is always the same person (management) who opens it.

  • If they go outside, they have a manager/supervisor to monitor them.

  • if they never leave their workplace, work long hours, and/or work seven days a week

  • if they appear physically unwell or bruised yet continue to work

Victims of sex trafficking may be compelled to work in brothels, massage parlours, escort services, or even out of their own homes.

If you suspect sex trafficking, write down as much information as you can and call your local police station or the Australian Federal Police on 13 14 44.

Also, if you do wind up talking to a victim of sex trafficking, avoid calling them a "sex slave," since this may be highly distressing or disparaging.