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Please Add A Tease Before Pleasure

2021-11-12 544

Over time, repetitive actions become a habit, which makes them expected and sometimes even boring. This can also be the case with relationships. Doing the same thing over and over again can lead to too much comfort and boredom. Sex in a relationship should be kept fresh and new. A guaranteed way to add a spark to an old relationship or to light a fire in a new one is to tease. Teasing your partner before or during sex is often overlooked in relationships, but can add to the sexual pleasure between you and your partner.

Don't be afraid to tease your partner. Teasing your partner can bring the sexual tension between the two of you to a peak. Given teasing your partner, make sure that every time your partner wants you, you are not having sex. Teasing your partner can happen verbally/mentally or physically. Either way, your partner will still be successfully aroused. Now, let's explore some very sexual and effective teasing techniques.

Verbal/mental teasing of your partner

When teasing your partner verbally or mentally, you are always trying to get their mind to wander and fill in the gaps. When I say this, I mean don't be too aggressive. The point of teasing your partner is to make them drool at the thought of having sex with you, not to let them know what's going to happen. That's the exciting part, the nature of not knowing what's going to happen, but wanting it to happen.

In public, whisper something naughty in your partner's ear and stop there - don't mention it again.

Before your lips meet, pull your partner in for a sensual kiss: pull back, look him in the eye, bite your lip and then slowly turn away. This action will make him crave the touch of your lips on his.

When you're out together, or at class or work, send your partner a sexy text message to let them know you want them.

For example, "I can't wait to get you home" or "I can't wait to get you alone".

Men are also aroused by visual stimulation - ladies put on short skirts or shirts that barely cover their hips and slowly bend over in his line of sight. But be careful, this may provoke an immediate reaction from him.

And what better way to tease your partner than with a sexy striptease? Turn on a sexy song and seductively remove your clothes before making love. This is a great tease and will get your partner turned on and ready for what's to come. This can be done with regular clothes, dresses or best of all, lingerie.

Physically tease your partner

Physically teasing your partner is probably the most difficult of these two types of teasing. When physically teasing you shouldn't be overly confident and you should try to be sexy but not too aggressive.

Touch them under the table but over your clothes when eating in a restaurant. Rub your hands on your thighs or use your feet - if they don't have a foot phobia. I can't guarantee you'll last the entire dinner with this gesture.

When walking past your partner, brush against his package and then look him in the eye with a naughty smile. This will awaken his senses and allow his mind to wander to serious matters.

Once things start to heat up, get your partner to lie down, straddle his hips and give him a slow, sensual, sensual massage. Add a little gentle scratching to the massage, or a little harder if he likes, then move down and whisper something sensual in his ear ("I want you so badly right now.") Lick or kiss his earlobe.

Before making love, kiss his chest, stomach and groin, encircling him until he is almost begging you to continue making love.

When 'on top', stop midway through lovemaking, move away from your partner towards the foot/end of the bed and give him a naughty 'come on' look. The fact that you stopped in the first place will be enough to make him crawl behind you, but the wink will be the icing on the cake and send him running towards you.

Hopefully, these tips will help increase your sexual activity and pleasure with your partner. Remember to be sexy and sensual, but most importantly have fun. Having fun could be a great relationship builder and sexual enhancer.