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Western Sydney brothel punished for operating during the lockdown

2021-11-19 346

A Western Sydney brothel has been fined a hefty sum for operating during a lockdown after one of the brothel's patrons gave police a bizarre excuse.

Staff and patrons of a western Sydney brothel have been fined $12,500 for remaining open during a city-wide lockdown.

Police were called to a brothel in Rydalmere on Monday night after receiving a call from Crime Stoppers about a possible breach.

Police said they spoke to the 57-year-old female owner and found three female workers inside, aged 31, 36 and 56.

According to police, two male clients, aged 56 and 57, were also inside the establishment, neither of whom was wearing a mask.

Police said they both denied that the business was in operation, with one of the men claiming he was providing quotes for painting work. The other man said he had come to visit his girlfriend.

Detectives later confirmed the company had been operating, NSW Police said in a statement.

NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Mal Lanyon said late Tuesday that both the massage parlour and brothel were banned from operating under the current public health order.

He said seven people had been fined for operating or staying at the Rydalmere brothel on Monday night.

All were fined for failing to wear a mask and breaching the curfew order, except for the 36-year-old woman who lived in the brothel.

The brothel owner was also fined US$5,000. Officers dismissed the group to go home, but police said the 31-year-old woman tried to return to the brothel shortly afterwards.

She was arrested and charged with failing to comply with a curfew order in the area in question and failing to wear a well-fitting mask in an indoor area of a public place.

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