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How Sex Workers Check Their Clients For Sexual Health

2021-11-19 742

Checking in on your clients

Make it clear to your client that it's either safe sex or no sex at all! To prevent infection, the first thing to do is to check your client for obvious signs of sexually transmitted diseases (although remember that not all sexually transmitted diseases have obvious signs). It is best to check your client after you have taken your money and before he takes a shower or goes to the toilet. Urination will remove the discharge and it will take about half an hour to see it.

Try to make your client feel comfortable, explaining that the examination is for their health and for you. Tell them that you are doing this for everyone - including regular clients. Develop a procedure that works for you.

Clients often want to get a health check by meeting with other sex workers. Clients usually appreciate the health check by saying to the worker, " I feel safe with you, that's why I came back" and "It's sexy when you're on your knees in front of me". Some workers do health checks before work, especially full service workers. Some massage and other workers find it easier to do covert health checks before touching a client's genital area at work.

Ask colleagues about their practice or call your loal health board for more advice or information. Develop routines that are appropriate to the way you work and the type of sex work you do.

Where to check

        Lift the client's penis and look closely around the genitals.

        Lift his testicles and pull back his foreskin.

        Gently squeeze along the shaft of his penis to see if any discharge appears.

        Look at the area between his anus and penis.

        Examine the area around the anus.

        For female clients, look between the vaginal opening.

        Look through the pubic hair and around the genitals, thighs and buttocks.

What to check

        Sores, blisters, rashes and warts.

        Itching, redness, swollen glands, unpleasant odours.

        Secretions - If they are milky, thick, yellowish, grey and/or smelly, it could be gonorrhoea or chlamydia.

        Crabs - These are brown or white and look like freckles.

        Look for blisters and sores in the mouth and lips, especially if you are kissing your client.

You should remember: pre-cum may look normal, but it can still be infectious. Check other parts of the body for ulcers, just to be sure. If you're not sure, ask other staff for advice.

If you find something that looks like a sexually transmitted disease, try not to get angry with the client. After all, they may not realise it themselves. If necessary, try to get a colleague to support you, especially if the client thinks they are 'clean' and to double check. Advise the client to visit a clinic for examination and treatment before returning. It may be useful to keep some contact cards for the client from local sexual health clinics. Also, before you start seeing clients, find out what support management or reception staff will provide in these situations.

If you have to or want to offer services, provide hand relief (using gloves), offer alternative services such as B&D, or offer erotic 'acts' or fantasies while they masturbate on their own.

Please remember. Sexually transmitted diseases often do not cause any signs or symptoms. It is vital to use condoms, even if there are no obvious signs when you examine your client.