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What things you have to know before working as an escort?

2022-03-10 403

As an escort, you will be sleeping with ugly men and many unhygienic people

Imagine the ugliest person you've ever slept with - and increase the ugly factor by a factor of 10. This is not a dating/hooking up app, you can swipe left or right and choose who you want to sleep with. Sure, the staff at the Melbourne escort agency will screen clients for you, but they can't say, 'Oh wait, send us a picture of yourself to make sure you're hot!' Nor are you having an introductory date at a cafe after chatting online for a while to test the waters; whereby you can have your girlfriend call you and say oh, there's an emergency to get you out of the chase. In short, the client will book you through the escort agency's receptionist while you attend their hotel room - be prepared! You can choose not to meet with the client. You can choose not to meet with the client.

If that client does not meet your requirements, can you choose not to see them again? Of course you can, but let me assure you ladies that if you only go to see "pretty/sexy men" you won't make much money for some time! You can choose not to see them.

I've walked into men's hotel rooms and smelled like there was a dead body hidden inside, oh no, wait, that's just their body odour! I'll admit it's a skill. I admit it's a skill. I admit it's a skill, and thankfully I've worked as a nurse in an elderly care facility before and then as an operating theatre nurse in a busy hospital (I'm used to all sorts of nasty smells) - some clients I have to persuade to physically carry them to the bathroom and scrub them myself before we get into any action. This was, of course, done at the time they had booked.

When men stink, like I said they really stink, like something is dead; there is no way I can give them a blowjob or even get close to them. You need to grow some balls (pardon the pun) and just tell the client - you're on the clock girl, remember; when you walk into that room you have a few minutes to get your money and inform the security driver outside that the booking has started. Or, you can just walk back into the room and tell the driver that you are not booking. The management of the escort agency will want to know why you didn't see the client; now, ladies, I'm not saying don't see the client if you don't want to - but, to me, not seeing the client is more of a security issue.

If you want to make an appointment, even if the person absolutely stinks - "I need to get you showered before we get started", is what I usually say. If they refuse, I tell them, 'there's a really bad smell in here and you need a shower if you want me to stay'. If the client agrees that he needs a shower, then don't take their word for it and let them go!" . Remember, they stink and cannot be trusted to look after their hygiene - follow them in, but first, and this is absolutely vital - get the money from the client, count it, count it again and then explain to this smelly client that you are running out of time from now on, before entering the bathroom. In this case, leave no stone unturned. Also let him know that you are going to call the security driver and give him an update (or send a text message if you wish). If the client agrees to all this, only then will you proceed with the booking.

If the client refuses and wants to leave it as it is, with its horrible stench, then get out of there.

Less scary situations, but more common are those who want to kiss you (DFK) and smell like they haven't brushed their teeth in years. You can do your best to keep pulling your face away and start stroking some of the more enjoyable parts (which is easy in foreplay). If they're pressed up against you and doing their best to pound your mouth with all their cum, try to suggest alternative positions (anything that keeps your mouth away from them), otherwise you may have to just tell them - 'if you go brush your teeth, I'd love to try and keep kissing you'.

I'm not saying that all people who book Melbourne escorts are ugly and/or have poor hygiene, just don't expect them to be Prince Charming or your 'dream' man.

Some clients just don't want to be nice to you

Some people are just jerks, and there's really a lot of truth in that statement. Thankfully, only a very small percentage of the clients I see are completely unfriendly, most are very nice and the rest if they are upset or a bit standoffish I am able to calm them down or turn the situation to a more positive side.

The unfriendly clients think "if I pay, I'll talk" - wow, how wrong they are when they try to do that to me. I am by no means saying that I have not been intimidated or even intimidated by clients before, but in most cases I am happy to let them know, without being arrogant or rude, that if their shitty behaviour continues, I will simply walk away.

Yes, clients pay for the time we spend with them; but that doesn't give them the right to be obnoxious, condescending or simply rude. We are all human and we don't deserve to be treated like that. I remember a client who booked a very large suite at Crown Casino Melbourne and from the moment I walked in the door told me that I was just a prostitute and that I had no rights and that he was going to do what he liked. Instantly my guard was up but I remained calm and said, oh sure, I just need to check something with the front desk, "you booked a Game of Thrones session, S&M or something like that, they must have given me the wrong booking information". Oh no, what do you mean by that, he said - his demeanour changed and you could see he realised that his attitude and manner wasn't working for me.

Instantly, I knew he was a pig, one of those clients we all fear. I said, if the escort agency didn't get the booking details wrong and you think you can talk to me like that, you're dead wrong. The escort agency confirmed that they hadn't got the details wrong, which I always knew, but I needed to slow that down as soon as possible. I used my 'safe' word with the receptionist so the client didn't know, but the receptionist knew I was in trouble. Luckily the client was at Crown Casino and the receptionist immediately told my security driver, who was downstairs, that he was downstairs and he told Crown's concierge that there was a problem with our room. Crown's security and my security guard were at the door within minutes. Thankfully, I came out unharmed.

Learning to deal with the disadvantages of being an escort is the key to success

The more a client pays for a Melbourne escort, the more the client expects from you

The more time a client pays for you, the higher the expectations of your risky behaviour. Like most people, I thought as a high class Melbourne escort that if I was attractive, had a great physique, wore nice clothes and knew how to entertain and sexually please my clients, then men would line up to fist bump. This is not the case. The normal rules for escorts do not apply to top class senior escorts. We were asked to do things that other escorts who charged A$300 per hour would not do for A$1200 per hour. Forget about sexual health, personal safety and the bottom line of our professional ethics. There are some premium escorts who do offer very 'porn star' like services, while others choose not to do so. Every sexual service offered by every lady must be made comfortable for her. As an escort, if you are constantly operating outside your comfort zone, this will cause psychological damage in the long run. Don't do sexual acts you are not comfortable with, no matter how much money is involved; because if you are not comfortable doing these services, they will haunt you and cause you to lose sleep for a long time.

Get used to having clients ask you not to use condoms. Many of my older clients know my rules, but every first time client I have had as a Melbourne high class escort has wanted oral sex for them without using a condom. Most also want penetrative sex without the use of a condom. It's crazy beyond belief.

Infestations can be transmitted in a short span of time. It is the responsibility of the sex service provider, the escort, to ensure that protected/safe sex is practiced at all times. Most clients looking for an escort will often see more than one escort. Any escort who is even moderately busy will see at least five men in a single day. Do the math and it's easy to see how quickly sexually transmitted diseases can spread.

Being a high class Melbourne escort is very lonely

Tell your family and closest friends that you choose to sleep with men for money; that you are a senior Melbourne escort. They will support you unconditionally and through any situation in life, right? This may be true for the lucky few, but for most escorts I know, their friends and family are not supportive at all.

Even if you open up to your friends and family and let them know that you are a seasoned Melbourne escort, it doesn't mean that you will get their support. In many cases, it will mean the opposite; you will be ridiculed, chastised and rejected by them. This is one aspect of loneliness.

Whether or not to disclose that you are a senior Melbourne escort is a double-edged sword; there is no right answer, but you must consider your options carefully. It is a choice that only you can make. Think it through, because once your friends and family know, they know! They can't not know. And they can't not know. There is no way they won't know!  

The second lonely aspect of being an elderly companion is living a double life. At first this can be very interesting, fun and a bit like being a secret agent; but after a while it can become very tiring and take its toll. Being able to switch between being the 'normal girl next door' or the 'perfect daughter' and the seductive and suitably sexy escort who is about to go and entertain men and please them for a few hours is not an easy task.

If you are a busy and successful high class escort then you have even less time to spend with friends and family. After a while, you stop being invited to your normal social gatherings and friends and family just assume you won't come. You often run out of excuses or seem to be retooling a tired old list that shows you're always busy. In addition, you just rarely have the capacity to respond in a timely manner to calls and texts. What kind of work has these restrictions? Oh, sorry Mum, Dad or best friend, I'm doing a two-way anal experience for a new client who's booked for four hours - that's what keeps me busy.

As a high-class escort, you make a lot of money but never seem to have any savings

I never thought that by the time I was 21 I would be making the money I was making as a senior escort. There was no real transition either, I never really had a lot of money and then all of a sudden my cash just flowed out like a burst pipe. For the first few weeks I literally had $50 bills flowing through my wallet and suddenly I was no longer worried about where I was going to buy lunch, how many café lattes I was going to have or how many pairs of shoes I was going to buy - after all, I needed to keep buying new shoes for work, didn't I? Not really, but that was my thought process. In the first six months, I probably made $150,000 - where was it and where did it go? I went from living in a very ordinary flat to living in a penthouse duplex. I didn't even know what art was, but I happily spent a small fortune decorating my flat. I went from owning 4-5 pairs of standard shoes to owning over 50 pairs of luxury shoes. 

If you want to be a high end Melbourne escort, get some financial advice while you're there. You may not want to tell your accountant you're working as an escort if you don't feel comfortable doing so. But at least have a firm understanding of what saving actually means. Don't be like me and make $150,000 in six months and get nothing out of it. Worse are the escorts who earn a reasonable amount year after year; after 10 years they have nothing. Wait for that psychological pain to come.

If you are in a bad financial situation, like me; a girl who wants to become a Melbourne escort, or a lady who has managed to become an escort but doesn't have a lot of money saved up - start saving today. Set aside 25% of every penny you earn and don't touch it! See how quickly your savings build up. See how quickly your savings accumulate. Also, think twice when you're shopping for that LV bag or purse.