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A Safe Shower Sex

2022-04-05 306

On the one hand, shower sex is hot (literally and metaphorically), but on the other hand, it's dangerous. Slippery things are great, and we love slippery things, but not so much if they can send us to the emergency room. If you've never had sex in the shower before, we think you can get some advice from a professional. By using these tips, you can reduce the risk of a bad experience or ending up with a cast on your leg. It begins.

Be more lubricated

It's almost a given, but you'd be surprised at how many people have sex in the shower and neglect to use lube because they think water will fix the problem. News flash - water is not a lubricant. Don't be fooled by all the pornography or movies out there. Whether you're in the shower, the pool, the tub, or in bed, you still need to use lube.

Don't try any dangerous positions

The shower is not the best place to experiment. It's either from behind or with your back to the wall. Trying any other position can lead to tragedy. Consider purchasing some foot mats for the shower. Yes, they do exist and are perfect for shower sex due to their grip. These may give you the freedom to do some other positions, but be very careful.


In most cases, shower sex can be very awkward and uncomfortable, but you have to find the fun in it. By doing this, you will be able to relax and enjoy it as much as possible. If you have been dwelling on the equilibrium that you have been reduced to as a toddler, then you will be able to remove that emotion in a matter of minutes.

Rinse off in the shower

Everyone will tell you, "Oh, no, you have to lather each other up!" But here's the thing: showers are slippery; if you do lather each other up, make sure you rinse yourselves off before you have sex.

Showers are a great stimulus for both of you, just be extra careful not to make yourselves too slippery to stand up.

Know when to admit defeat

Sometimes having sex in the shower is simply not on the table - for example, when the box is too small. In that case, just give up. You really shouldn't be uncomfortable about it. You've tried, and it's just not going to happen. It's no big deal, move on.


If you follow all of these tips or just some of them, you'll be safer when having shower sex. We know it's all about enjoying the performance itself, but you should make sure that this pleasure doesn't turn into pain after a few minutes. Find your balance, use the walls of the shower, and don't try anything that could cause either of you to fall - God forbid - and break a bone.