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What is Sabio Sexuality?

2022-04-14 243

For quite a long time, intelligence did not matter when it came to sex. In other words, one's partner could have an IQ of 80 or 150 and the sex life would still be the same. It could be argued that the vast majority of people are more interested in their (temporary) partner's genitals than their IQ. In modern times, however, psychology has come up with a term that most people are unfamiliar with: ape sex. Let's discuss it and see what it really means.

What is Sapio Sexual?

To say it in straight forward, a person with a high IQ means that his/her partner's intelligence is the most sexually attractive characteristic. A highly intelligent man is more interested in a woman's intellect than her vagina and behind.

"Oh my God, that's so gay" - this is one of the most common response to a man who claims to be cisgender. In this case, the person saying this believes that sex is a purely physical thing and is her/his loss, not ours. Smart sex is easily attracted to witty women or men and is aroused by what they say, the way they do things, their desire for deep and meaningful conversations and so on.


Sapiosexuality is important and deserves more promotion for one simple reason: it proves that people can look beyond physical appearance and focus on what really matters - the mind. Homosexuals fall in love with their partner's soul and mind, not their body, and this connection lasts 100 times longer than the connection of partners who treat sex as something that goes in and out and nothing more.

Seen in this light, Sapiosexuality is as much a sexual identity as some people think it is gender fluid. This has caught the attention of psychologists around the world; they say there is indeed a large proportion of people who have sapiosexuality. It is now clear that if a person has a below-average IQ, he/she is less likely to be retarded, although we could be proven wrong at any time. Crazier things have happened, so this isn't really that far-fetched.


Psychology has begun to take transgender people seriously and as a result there are journals that publish articles put forward by psychologists that are definitely worth reading; articles that can be studied at your leisure. Humans have always felt the need to name and label things. I think we can all agree that 'paedophilia' actually needs a name, because we can grasp things better when they have a clear attribution, especially when we can break it down into individual terms.