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How to create a captivating escort profile?

2018-10-17 2887

How to create a captivating escort profile

One of the most important marketing elements you can capitalize on is your escort profile. This is your chance to connect with clients and let them know what makes you become a special escort. However, many escorts fail to use this tool to their full advantage. When you take the time to post an ad or profile to MyAngels escorts directory, it's imperative that you incorporate certain components and focus on specific traits. Here are the keys to creating a rock-star escort profile for yourself:

1. Make sure you include contact information. It doesn't matter how well-written your profile is or the sex appeal of your sexy photos if your prospective client isn't able to contact you. Many escorts create stellar profiles, including all the details that are essential to attract worthy clients, but they forget to provide accurate contact information.

2. Provide an accurate physical description. Even though you may plan to let your pictures do the talking for you when it comes to attracting clients, there are many traits about your appearance that can't be determined from sexy images alone.

3. List the services you enjoy. Walking a fine line here between abiding the law and crossing over into illegal territory is an art you must master, because clients like to know what they can expect of an escort, should they book her. Clearly within your profile, you must state that mentioned services are included in your price or excluded. MyAngels escorts clearly states the extra services they can provide or not on each of their profiles.

4. Put your best foot forward with a beautiful escort profile photo. It's pretty much common sense that your main photo associated with your ad should be the best of what you've got. But, some escorts, in a hurry to simply get their ad posted, choose unflattering or inappropriate options for their images. Select a photo that garners attention due to its angle, lighting, effects or how it increases your sex appeal.

5. Post gallery photos to attract even more views. An escort with a single image may get a look or two from clients, but she won't attract the repeated visits that may encourage bookings. When you have multiple photos posted in association with your ad, it provides clients with a chance to see various sides to your personality or to admire your beauty in different stages. Because men are visual creatures, inclusion of several images will boost your popularity with potential clients. And, the more they want to look at your photos, the more likely they will be to book you.

6. Post a description of yourself that relays your charismatic personality. You know how funny, sensitive, witty, smart and amazing you are; but, your clients don't. Your profile information is the place to really sell yourself. It's disturbing how some escorts oversell themselves, lowering their standards to cheap dirty talk and appealing only to their clients' carnal desires.

7. List the areas you go to for outcalls or serve in your incall. When you live in a large, metropolitan area, going all over the city to see clients may be cumbersome and not worthwhile, when you figure in all of your expenses. You don’t want to travel more than one hour from Auckland to Hamilton, and ends up your client says you are not the escort he is looking for. That is the reason we have categorized MyAngels escorts into Auckland Escorts, North Island Escorts, Christchurch Escorts, Hamilton Escorts, Northland Escorts, South Island Escorts, Tauranga Escorts and Wellington Escorts.

8. Indicate which gender you offer services to. Even though it's most traditional for female escorts to offer services to men, there is the possibility that you work exclusively as a lesbian escort only servicing women. Or, maybe you are open-minded and welcome encounter inquiries from both genders.

9. Tell clients what your availability is. Unless you specify that some days are personal days or certain hours are off limits, clients will assume that you're available any time of the day or night they want to see you. In your escort profile, you can mention your escort service availability, such as day time, night time or day and night.

10. Disclose your rates. It's such a waste of time when a client calls you to ask a few questions, discusses booking an encounter and then refuses to follow through when he finds out that your rates are beyond his means. Not only does the disclosure of your hourly (and beyond) rates provide great information for your clients, it also helps you avoid the timewasters who aren't willing/able to pay your rates.      

11. Inform clients of any special policies or procedures. If you have an intense screening regimen or cann't stand kissing, be up front about this in your ad information. Clients have a right to know these policies ahead of time. Escorts have to clearly state the service they can do or cannot do. For example, if you do not do GFE service, PSE(Porn Star Experience), you have to tell your client before hand.