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How to tell an escort or a prostitute

2019-01-31 2099

When I was asked what is the difference between escorts and prostitutes, I wasn’t really sure about the answer. But I was so struggled with my experiences with prostitutes that I had to try something different. I wanna do things in safe, and I wanted thing to be done well.

Through the best practice on finding a good escort, I found Lisa from Myangels. She had some hot pics, and so I thought I would have a try on her. We decided to have a dating at a cafe. She appeared on time and she was amazing. She was as so beautiful and like her photos listed in the website. I was so wondering because of the bait and trick that low quality escorts and prostitute would do. But Lisa was the right girl in the picture, a beautiful asian woman. She is well dressed with her ample toned curves to perfection and I couldn’t help thinking to bury my cock into her beautiful mouth and my dick is going to be wrapped around by her lips.


When we met in the hotel I admitted that her mouth has been always in my mind for the all night. She made me undressed and put me on the bed. Then She started to use her hand and wrapped it securely around my shaft. Gently but firmly my organ was gripped by her and slowly drew back its foreskin, my glistening cockhead exposing. Soon, a large bead of pre-cum appeared around the little hole. Lisa fingers wiped it across the tip at my penis, collecting my slick, warm secretion. I raised her wet finger to her mouth and her lips was warming my penis. She lustily licked it off and she looked as if she was really enjoyed the taste.


After seconds she went down on my big red cock, sucking at the cockhead  as she looked at me. The feel of wrapping my dick by her wet mouth was one of the greatest feeling in the world. Then her one hand reached  my balls to massage the thick base of my dick. Lisa was really a well skilled cock sucker, and her skills absolutely made me crazy.  With the blood was surging to my dick again, I screamed out for sweet relief as she took me to the climax of my cock. She ate up it all.


“Well, that was a very big cock” Lisa appraised. She went to the bathroom to do some mouthwash. The she came back to our bed. We kissed deeply as I was so impressed her naked and exposed her beautiful woman curves. My hand found her outer lips and the moist, sticky folds that hung from her pussy. Then my finger slightly slided through her cunt. I wanted to find out what her pussy tasted like and she extremely responded to my touch. She relaxed as I sucked on her pussy. We finished the awesome experience with my dick down inside of her.

Myangels is the real deal, I am sure I’ll come back for an escort again. When you find a good girl, try and don’t miss out :)