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How long is my booking with escorts?

2019-02-01 2198

I’m new guy and I am eager to know how long should I make an appointment with an escort?


It really depends on what your need is. Let me get a start with the range 30 minutes to 120 minutes.


30 Minutes:


If your need is to release once, period, then 30 minutes is probably going well.


This choice is good for men looking for a physical release only.  Actually 75% men last less then 15 minutes anyways.


Many men think they want a physical release only, but if they meet a extremely beautiful and amazing escort, then they might want a further escort service rather than just physical release, for example perhaps a little chat or a friendly exchange.  So the first thing is you should to be confessed to yourself if you would like more than a simply physical release.  If you do, favor longer.


Also remember that a lot of good qualify escorts may not offer a 30 minute.  So it might not be a choice for a special escort per your demand.


60 Minutes:


This is the better option and the amount of time I strongly recommend if no rush.


This allows for enjoying a smooth whole sex, which are:  1) sweet talk and foreplay, 2) great sex, and 3) multiple orgasms opportunity.


You may spend the 60-minute typically like this:  the first 5-10 minutes for happy talk, then you could know a bit more each other. Then the next 5 minutes start foreplay, during that she makes your excited and teases you to extreme, almost explosive limits.  Then the next 10 minutes go to have sex. So now the first 20-30 minutes are complete.


Now go back to sweet talk for the next 5-15 minutes.  You’ll converse more, and she’ll typically tease you more to get you ready for round 2.  When you get hard, do it again.


120 Minutes:


The 2 hours timeframe allows you two more additional choices:  First, it gives you an chance to meet her outside the hotel room, like at a bar or café and allows you to have a quick meeting before have sex.  It could remove the pressure of the first meeting and enough time will make the dating comfortable.


Second, you will have more recovery time for the second shot.  If your need more excitements, then this choice makes the first shot timeframe extended and not rushed, and it allows you more time to get ready for the second shot.


Best Practice:


60 minute booking might be your best choice for the first time with your escort.  When you make sure you two have great chemistry, then you will be able to book longer appointments in the future to have a great sex.