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Three Mind-Blowing Positions for Sex

2019-02-08 1986

A well-known proverb is “Sex is like a pizza. Even if it is done badly, it is still very good.” When the monkey is getting old, you want something real. There is no lady at hand... obviously - Book escorts. But if you have to pay a huge price, who wants a standard missionary? You can do it for free at the bar or the chicken. Let us be a bit creative. Even the old favorites can cheer.

Bad Girl Butterfly

The woman is lying on her back with her hips on the side of the bed. The man enters her while kneeling or standing. When the woman lifts her hips, slide the pillow underneath for extra comfort and height. By placing the ladies' legs on the shoulders, the male experiences a deeper feeling while providing an adjustable angle and penetration for the two lovers. Nothing is better than watching bounces every time you hit the ball. Her hands are free to enjoy her clitoris or stroke your ball. Or she can support herself with elbows or both hands to allow two ways to kiss or suck the nipple passionately. final result? Full control over the time and speed of ejaculation.


This is why this is the number one reason for most male choice lists. Nothing is better than being a boss. No view is hotter than a round butt, and the cat dripping in the air is waiting for your magic wand to put into her interior. Animalistic - You can go to the old school, like Tony Soprano, like doing the Discovery Channel. Or you can make some subtle changes; change your entry angle, add some gentle (or not so gentle) spanking, plucking, neck kissing, clitoris friction, chest groping, anal games, toys or putting her tablet Push on the bed and close her legs to stay nervous. Too hard? Stay perfect and encourage her to grind. Let her play your ball at the same time. Where is the mirror?

Reverse Cowgirl

Are you tired today? I want your ball to run out, but not much energy tonight? Now it is her turn to do some hard work. You can lie down and participate in the show. It's the girl on the top, but she faces your feet and gives you a "box seat" where you can see the sparkling lips grab your penis and suck it back into her body. The chocolate starfish has always blinked at you. She can tickle her clitoris and your ball at the same time. Or let her stand up so she can use gravity to really open it. Don't count on people who have been in this position for too long. Many women are too shy to try this one. Escorts and girls are not girls. They are "open" to any position possible on the body.

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