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High ranking in Google

Professional ranking strategy and google search optimisation brings more traffic for your ads.

Publish your ad in 3 quick steps

MyAngels Escorts has the fastest and easiest publishing method available on the market.

Accurate statistics tab for You to benefit

Real time statistics to measure and monitor performance of your ads.

Manage ads by yourself

We also have a customer service team who work from 10am to 12am everyday. Please do contact us if you have any problem cannot be solved by yourself.

Free Boost

Every new ad comes with a daily free Boost when it's first listed. The Boost will be activated when you create your ad or you can set the time for this free Boost in your account.


The awesome "Boost" function lets you purchase a Boost and push your ad to the top of the listings. This will get you more hits and more clients. After applying your boost, your profile will return #1 within the carousel that matches the users searched result. You will remain #1 until another advertisers boosts their profile, in which case your profile position will drop to #2, then #3, and so on.

Auto Boost

The brilliant "Auto Boost" function allows you to get many boosts to your ad with one easy purchase. You can find this feature in your account where you can set the time gap between Boosts and how many Boosts you want. The Auto Boost function lets you move your profile to top of the page again and again.

Hide My Ad

The helpful "Hide" function gives you the ability to make your ad invisible if you want. This puts you in control of when your ad is or isn't visible online to My Angels visitors. The ability to Show/Hide your ad at any time. Great for when you are taking a break.

Clone Ads

Creating new ads by cloning from your existing ads, save more time for ad posting.

Nearby Angels

Users are able to search angels near their locations. Your ad will be standed out from others and get the maximum views.

Secure and easy payment

Publish your advertisements by credit card, master card, prezzy card, visa debit card, union pay card and online bank transfer.

VIP Escorts

VIP Escorts receive on average 200 times as much booking requests than free members:

  • Your entry appears on top of non-paying members (in all search results and in your city and country listings)

  • You will be listed on our homepage

  • VIP Tag in your profile